par B. Burlon

Hi everyone, I’m Sarah reporting from the Lycee Pagnol’s radio studio for our weekly show of a week a topic
Today, the 29th of November I have decided to focus on floods that have ravaged France since november
Indeed, At the beginning of November Storm Ciaran struck in the north of France accompanied with heavy rain and violent winds. There was Storm Domingos blew its way through the west although, less serious but wih a massive impacton the water levels in the pas de calais region. 300 000 residents affected and more than 6 000 houses flooded. The department was placed on red alert by the French weather department and 244 municipalities were classified as natural disaster status . The country recorded an average water level of 237 millimeters. It has never rained so much in France in 30 days since 1993.

There are many consequences of such natural phenomenons hugly impact school and 279 municipal schools and building had to be closed in the pas de calais region
The state will grant 50 million euros to cover the damage and the lack of electricity in 684 000 homes.
I feel sorry for the people of this area who have lost everything because of the water in their homes or even workplaces, which must be really horrible. I experienced a flood and it was complicated so for so long I can’t imagine what they are going through
But time is running fast indeed and I have to leave you now but I hope you will join us for the next edition of a week a topic, do take care !

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